Fido: The World’s First
Infinitely Scalable Protocol

Unchain Your Enterprise and Be #Undisruptable

Blockchain Without Barriers

For years, there have been multiple barriers to entry impeding the adoption of blockchain technology by governments, enterprises and financial institutions. One of the most persistent barriers is the lack of scalability of existing protocols.

Most current blockchain protocols and network consensus work on using the entire network to validate each and every transaction. This causes the network to clog, lag and results in a lack of scalability. The result is that such a consensus mechanism cannot be adopted easily by large-scale enterprises.

Fido: The Solution

We can do better. The world needs a complete paradigm shift of how we can engineer a secure consensus system while aligning the interests of all stakeholders.

This is why Fido is revolutionary. Our blockchain network is fast, reliable and undisruptable because of the unique Fido shared consensus made up of mesh technology, ground net and Fido Cubes which work in a parallel manner. There is now no bottleneck to transactions — We are the world’s first infinitely scalable blockchain protocol. How? Find out more below!

The Fido Five Blockchain Architecture

Layer Zero: Infrastructure

Built from the bottom-up, the robust and stable foundation layer is made up of a ground net and our unique Fido cubes.

Layer One: Protocol Layer

Layer one of Fido protocol is a high-tech, over-engineered, interoperable and transaction layer powered by Fido cubes’ parallel processing capabilities and current internet cloud computing.

Layer Two: Smart Contract Layer for token issuance

Layer two of the Fido highly efficient blockchain protocol provides specifications to the format of the Fido consensus mechanism which allows it t be fast, secure and infinitely scalable.

Layers Three: Modules

Fido Modules are multi-functional and full-featured smart contracts, multi-signature, e-identity, oracles, governance, off/on-chain computing, fungible/ non-fungible tokenization.

Layer Four: Swap Engine

We seamlessly blend stable and trusted traditional banking regulations with newest blockchain protocols and technology, promoting even greater liquidity and practical use cases to the Fido network and ecosystem.

Fido Cube™ Is Coming Soon!

Fido cubes are nodes supporting the Fido blockchain protocol. They are easily customizable to include a staking component so that owners of Fido cubes have a greater incentive to participate in and support the Fido blockchain ecosystem. Together with the ground network of low antenna, Fido cubes contribute to a strong mesh network that helps provide redundancy for higher security and speed.

Our Ecosystem Partners

Join The Rapidly Growing Community of Developers and Enterprises on Fido, The World’s First Infinitely Scalable Blockchain Protocol

Fido network is enabling developers, governments and enterprises to create marketplaces, peer-to-peer trade platforms, stable coins other crypto derivatives and more.


Our Team

Dunstan Teo

Dunstan Teo

Co-Founder & Chief Architect | Blockchain Technology & Investments

  • Pioneer in bitcoin mining with deep understanding of Blockchain technology
  • Early Investor in more than 70 companies with successful exits
  • Sovereign & Enterprise level technology solutions architect
Rico Pang

Rico Pang

Co-Founder & COO | Strategist & C-suite Management

  • Ex-CEO of Public Listed Co. & Advisor to Global Multi-Family Offices
  • Serial Entrepreneur with 2 successful exits with extensive experience in supply chain, e-commerce & digital economy
  • VC & PE Funds Global Managing Partner, Investor Relationship (UHNWI), Acquisition & Merger, IPO listing strategies
Steve Tsao

Steve Tsao

Advisor | Online Markets & Ventures Investment

  • Global executive and entrepreneur with diverse background in online games, e-commerce and investments in technology ventures
  • Co-founded two listed companies
  • Build various companies in Asia and Middle East
Catherine Shek

Catherine Shek

COO |Chief Operating Officer

  • Catherine is good at cross-cultural communication and is familiar with the operation methods in the Asia-Pacific region and occident.
  • Extensive operating experience in the blockchain industry. 
  • Coordinated large-scale summits, organized offline roadshows, etc., and has rich resources for community and media cooperation.
Simon Pang

Simon Pang

CCO| Social Media & Technologies Enabler

  • Over 25 years in Communications & IT industry, worked with Multi-National Corporates such as Starwood Hospitality Group, Verssa Telecoms, Google Business Groups & etc.
  • Infrastructure & technical design of High Tech Medical integrated City
  • With successful launch of Digital Campaigns & Big Data management for local city governments & global blockchain communities 
Vincent Choy

Vincent Choy

CSO | Business & Tech Strategy

  • Impressive network of world’s top business and political leaders globally
  • Managed businesses in over 33 countries
  • Founder of blockchain Asia Forum and key establishment of Blockchain Center of Excellence and Education (BCEE)
Danny Tawiah

Danny Tawiah

CMO | Branding & Marketing

  • Held several high-profile global leadership roles in Europe and the US
  • Led largest global digital brand campaigns for top brands such as Nike
  • Established partnerships with many iconic sports clubs, athletes and influencers
Vladislava Shatkovskaya

Vladislava Shatkovskaya

CRO | Customer Relationship Officer

  • Vladislava Shatkovskaya has extensive experience in business development and advertising in the field of high technologies fintech.

  • Deeply involved in market analysis which supported exchanges, e-wallets, startups with the correct positioning and targeting of projects in the CIS and European region.

  • Experienced with marketing, public relations and community.

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