Fido: Our Vision

The World’s Most Undisruptable Blockchain Network

Our Vision

Fido’s vision is to be the world’s most undisruptable blockchain network. The Fido blockchain protocol is characterised by high speed and security, and is unaffected by unstable internet, network connections or high volume of transactions daily.

One: To provide new and radical wealth sovereignty solutions

Two: To be the undisruptable, infinitely scalable network

Three: To be the world’s largest decentralized finance (DeFi) network

To provide new and radical wealth sovereignty solutions

Many governments face issues of accruing significantly lower rates of returns for the sovereign wealth they manage vis-à-vis that of commercial rates of returns. An associated issue they might face is also that they might not be able to manage their owned source revenues in a systematic manner.

The Fido network solves both issues, as sovereign wealth can now create their own smart contracts, issue their own digital tokens, customize their very own tokenomics and do digital asset trades and swaps on the protocol.

This helps sovereign wealth management obtain, leverage and maximize returns on their available assets in an open, accountable and infinitely scalable manner. There are now no more geographical or time barriers to increasing rates of returns.

To be the undisruptable, infinitely scalable network

We are the world’s first infinitely scalable blockchain network that enterprises and governments can rely on. To get there, we leverage on the first-of-its-kind Fido cubes, which provide back-up to security and speed.

Governments and enterprises now need not worry about the security and speed of the infrastructure, because of the way the Fido consensus is engineered.

To be the world’s largest decentralized finance (DeFi) network

We work with existing financial systems as our anchors to form the world’s largest Decentralized Finance (DeFi) network,
servicing 1.7billion people classified as unbanked globally and create unprecedented financial inclusion through our superior blockchain technology. Gas fees will also be low and affordable for them.

The unbanked and underbanked can finally have access to the new financial economy; have access to credit and investment assets, leading to a more prosperous world. They will be part of the organic Fido ecosystem and community, leading to even more economic value that was never generated previously.

Due to the Fido consensus mechanism, the unbanked and underbanked need not even have stable internet to partake in transactions—Fido cubes will act as the redundancy to ensure speed and security.